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The Ino-Classic ... Larus 42 'LB.

The Larus classics use today's technology, functionality, innovative design approach to create a motoryacht that's all about performance on the water.

In the early 1930s lobster fishermen on America's east coast between the islands off Florida's coast needed a practical motoryacht that would operate smoothly. American designer William Atkin (1881-1962), designed a Lobster motoryacht which could withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions and yet was highly mobile. The unique design attracted great interest and soon became a highly sought after motoryacht in all the world's oceans.

Today, true "mariners" who wish to navigate the cold and windy Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul can have of the all the classic details of the past century in a "unique" handmade motoryacht built for stylish cruising and easy maneuverability.

The passion that sparked the design of the first Larus 42' LB continues with the innovative 55' and 78' motoryachts.


A Quest for Knowledge / Perfection

High Technology

Larus uses the latest Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) technologies to produce their hulls and component parts resulting in the highest production quality standards. Throughout the entire construction and assembly process, the master craftsmen at Larus carefully hand select the materials used for each motoryacht. The hull materials consist of Gelcoat, Vinylester and Fiberglass materials, which show the maximum resistance to seawater. The combination and usage of their custom tooling system hull molds, hand spray up, Light Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and Vacuum infusion technologies results in super strong, rigid, lightweight durable hulls and component parts. Larus also builds all internal and external control mechanisms, with advanced techniques and the latest electronic technologies.


The Larus Privilege...

Performance Efficiency

The winning design of the Larus Classic Lobster motoryacht enables highly efficient mobility, stability and ease of maneuverability through difficult and turbulent waters while being completely reliable even in the roughest sea conditions. Its classic design also provides excellent fuel savings due to the advanced engineering of its hull in combination with its diesel power source.

Production Features

All hull and deck molds are Gelcoated and a durable topcoat is applied for additional protection before the lamination process begins. All parts of the hull above and below the water are Gelcoated in the mold which creates a high gloss surface quality finish. Additionally the deck molds have been designed with non-slip texturized patterns on all top deck walking path surfaces, providing added comfort and security.

Hull Construction

Hand laid mat and multiaxial glass fabrics saturated with vinylester resin over Gelcoat; wooden longitudinal and transverse integral structure are bonded with vinylester putty and laminated to the hull for added strength. Over the waterline, core materials are used for sound and thermal protection. The overall hull is Gelcoated from inside for extra protection and durability.

Deck Construction

Hand laid mat and multiaxial glass fabrics saturated with vinylester resin over Gelcoat; core materials are added for sound and thermal insulation. We then add plywood over all walking surfaces for extra rigidity and Gelcoat from inside for extra protection. Customers also have the option to add Teak to the cockpit and swimming platform sole surfaces.

Hull - Deck Construction

Stainless steel screws and bolts for the primary connection with Sikaflex for extra bonding and water tightness. A total of 6 layers of mat and multiaxial glass fabrics saturated with vinylester resin hand laid from the interior. A custom made wooden rubbing strap (epoxied and varnished for longer life and durability) tastefully conceals the connection with stainless steel screws and bolts.


Larus - Passion for Inner Pleasures Flexibility and Comfort

Larus uses real wood laminates with an advanced molding system for all of their interior and exterior wood and furniture pieces. The use of the advanced wood molding system creates extremely durable and long lasting woodwork which also retain their shape and color. The Larus interior designs and layouts are very flexible and customizable which allow owners the ability to choose floor plans, colors, materials and hardware fixtures according to their personal preferences and needs. The living room, master cabin, guest cabins, galley, bathroom / WC, and hallway designs and decorations are standard amenities found in many motoryachts; however there are many optional choices owners can select to reflect their own personal style and needs. The Larus Classic Lobster ceiling is designed at a comfortable 1.90m. When you are inside the motoryacht even in challenging weather conditions, you'll experience all the comforts and security of home.

Larus 42' LB Classic layout   Larus 42' LB Flybridge layout

Technical Specification

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